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The majority of the 2019/2020 season Club Championships have now been completed, and the following players or teams will represent the club in the Champ of Champs Bowls North Harbour competitions.

Men’s Singles      Winner                Kevin Rainsford

                                  Runner-Up        Denham Furnell


Ladies’ Singles  Winner                 Elaine Ferguson

                                  Runner-Up         Kathy Stevens


Junior Men’s Singles

                                 Winner                Keith Benson

                                 Runner-Up        Lyndsay Knight

Junior Ladies’ Singles

                                 Winner                Kathy Stevens

                                Runner-Up        Jillian Jones


Men’s Pairs        Winners              Les Miley and Tai Williams

                                Runners Up      Denham Furnell and Graham Fenn


Ladies’ Pairs     Winners              Faye Baverstock and Elaine Ferguson

                                Runners-Up      Nolene Conquer and Kaylene McNabb


Junior Men’s Pairs

                                  Winners             Keith Benson and Val Ager

                                  Runner-Up       Lyndsay Knight and Chris Prutton


Men’s Triples      Winners              Glen Collard, Syd Hayman and Keith Benson

                                  Runners-Up      Bill Hadley, Warren Marks and Graeme Howard


Ladies’ Triples    Winners               Robyn Henderson, Jenny Wilson and Kathy Stevens

                                  Runners-Up       Faye Baverstock, Val Eadie and Elaine Ferguson


Congratulations to all our 2019/20 Club Champions and Runner-Ups. Also, well done to all the club bowlers who participated in the various championships, and the members who supported all the bowlers during the games.


YES, success was finally achieved in the Penman challenge vs the Peninsula Club in January. The Manly Bowling Club overcame a spirited challenge to take out this competition in 2020. Once again, the Peninsula Club were very hospitable hosts, and an enjoyable day of bowls was enjoyed by everyone  .Bob Murray showed once again, he can still produce winning bowls  when required. He was in great form on the day.


Business House Bowls with 32 teams competing each Wednesday, is once again a great success this year. Nolene and Bruce have  it operating smoothly as usual, and the Hibiscus Community embrace this opportunity to participate in Lawn Bowls in this format. It is proving to be very competitive, but played in great spirit.


Roll Ups with Gren and Dave on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday draw good turn-outs. Twilight Bowls run by Chris continues, and it is good to see a composite team from these bowlers playing in the Business house for experience.



The club is seeking another coach. Filling the female coaching role would be ideal, however, if any member is interested in becoming a coach, please contact Syd Hayman. It is an important element in the development of New, Junior and in fact all bowlers within the club.

Volunteers - All sports clubs, are reliant on volunteers for their clubs to operate. From administering the club, assisting with the maintenance and up-keep of the facilities, assisting in the bar or kitchen, helping with Business House and many other areas. We request, that when required, more of our members assist in areas they feel they can contribute. It would be appreciated.

Lyndsay Knights assistance to Syd on the up-keep of the Grass Green every Monday and other times as required, especially during this dry hot spell, has not gone unnoticed. Much appreciated Lyndsay.


A recent Survey of all Sports Clubs within North Harbour indicated the following FIVE areas as the Key Challenges over the next 3-5 years.

1) Membership - Increasing and Retaining

2) Facilities - Upgrades and Maintenance

3) Volunteer Management - Attracting and ensuring sufficient numbers

4) Coaching - Sourcing and Attracting Quality Coaches

5) Finance - Securing Funding and Sponsorship

All of these are familiar challenges that are constantly addressed at our club.


While this unusually long dry spell continues, the heat is a challenge to all our bowlers. Remember, that taking plenty of fluids to overcome dehydration is extremely important. Also, Sun Block  becomes very important.

A nice cool beer or a glass of cold Chardonnay is always available at our bar to help with the "cool down" period.



All entries to Bowls North Harbour competitions are to be directed through the Club Secretary Jenny Wilson.

The Sub-lease with the Tennis Club continues as we await the final sign-off from the Seniors Tennis Club members.

The Green Superintendent is finalising the work with Tiger Turf on A Green. Bill Trotter has spent a great deal of his time on this project, to ensure we achieve as quality a green as is possible. Bill has worked very hard on this particular project.

Bill also advises that the options available to repair the surrounds on C Green, are being placed before the Board to consider and approve. The completion of the Business House competition is required before any significant work can be undertaken.


The clubs bank, Kiwi Bank, have advised that they will NO longer accept cheques after February 28th. No payments to the club will be able to be made by cheque after this date.


Our Club Captain John Buffery provides a very clear concise list of club messages at our Wednesday Tournaments. He also has a reputation for cooking a very tasty sausage on the BBQ. A very versatile all-round gentleman is John. Any club issues talk to John.


The days are getting shorter, the rain will come folks, enjoy the fast greens while you can.


Bruce Travers

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