Manly Bowling Club Inc

Championship Results 2019

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Men's Singles

Denham Furnell

Women's Singles

Elaine Ferguson

Men's Pairs

Dennis Polkinghorne and Kevin Rainsford

Women's Pairs

Nolene Conquer and Kaylene McNabb

Men's Triples

Dennis Polkinghorne, Bruce Conquer and Kevin Rainsford

Women's Triples

Faye Baverstock, Rozel Kyle and Elaine Ferguson

Men's Fours

Graham Hamilton-Browne, Val Agar, Chris Markham and

        John Buffery

Women's Fours

Faye Baverstock, Rozel Kyle,  Elaine Ferguson Judy Smith

Mixed Pairs

Syd Hayman and Robyn Henderson

1-5 Years Men's Singles

Keith Benson

1-5 Years Women's Singles

Kaylene McNabb

1st Year Men's Singles

Colin Love

1st Year Women's Singles

Not Played

BNH 1st Year Singles Winner

Sandy Wilson