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COVID Traffic Light system orange
All members and visitors over the age of12 years must show proof of Covid double vaccination.


COVID   Rules for Level 3




Practice bowls (single person or within bubble) ONLY.

No use of bowling club mats or jacks

All clubrooms / toilets will be closed

Any person using the club green MUST email the club advising of their time / date of use, IN ADVANCE.

Bowlers should take sanitising wipes with them to wipe down gate entry, seats, etc.

No water fountains to be used.

Do not arrange to meet fellow club members at the green

Keep physical distancing of two metres.

Low risk local recreation activities are allowed.

Check first that your club greens are open - they may require maintenance and/or the club has made them off-limits.

All club staff and/or volunteers should work from home with the exception of Greenkeepers.

Greenkeepers may maintain their greens but must ensure they are operating in a safe manner and within Government and Ministry of Health guidelines.

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